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Package Your Knowledge With Step by Step Training, Guides, and Live Coaching with Me.

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Are You Ready To Leverage Your Education, Experience and Expertise?

Do You Want To Build, Launch and Scale Your Ideas Into A High-Ticket Product or Service?

Here is Some of What You Get:

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Implementation and Accountability Workbook Guide will give you a Roadmap. You will create a Record of the Most Important Processes to Put in place In Your Own Business.

($997.00 value)

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Get Your Training Started Now and receive Immediate 45-Day Access To 10+ Hours of The Giant Experience Master Training To Rewatch & Replay From The Comfort Of Your Home. Unlock the Secrets to Building a Profitable Time-Rich Business.

($16,000 value)

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Select the date convenient for you to join 2 days of Live Accelerated Coaching Sessions With me. Get Your Questions Answered by me, and Let's Take The Guess Work Out Of Launching:

The Exact Steps You Need To Put Into Place To Package and Sell Your Knowledge as a System.

How I Supported my client Diana with closing over $144,000 in only 9 weeks after The Giant Experience Master Training

How to Leverage Your Expertise, Education, and Experience into a Profitable Business.

Learn How to Sell a Product or Service Online and Offline (even if you don't have a product already).

How to Easily Sell Using My Simple Sales System. You will Learn How to Qualify the Right Buyers and Close Sells.

How I Supported My Client Audra with Closing Her First Deal for Over $48,000 Three Weeks After Attending The Master Training by Teaching her How to Position Her Offer.

A Deep Dive on How to Create Your High-Ticket Programs or Offers. i.e., Books, Courses, Coaching, Consulting Services, etc.

How to Change your Pricing Model to High-Ticket and STOP Trading Time for Dollars or Creating A Cap on Your Income.

How to Market Easier Using Organic Free and Paid AD Strategies.

I'll Pull Back The Curtain and Show you How To Price Your Services to Value the Results you Provide.

How To Stop Underselling and Undervaluing What You Bring To The Table.

You will Learn My Proven Method and Language that Leaves Your Buyers Asking You for The Sale.

You will witness my exact Sales Scripts in action and the language to sell both online and offline. I'll show you step by step how to sequence your online sales conversions.

How to Sell Your Services Without Complicated Funnels

Bonus Audio Training that will Support you with Protecting your Intellectual Property.

($30,000 value)

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We offer a payment plan (2 bi-weekly payments of $975.00) and the second payment must be completed before attending the 2-Day Live Coaching event with Mia.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We are sure you'll love The Giant Experience Master Training. However, if you consider this event wasn't for you or that you didn't get value after watching 100% of the training, attending 100% of the live accelerated coaching sessions with Mia, and completing 100% of all of the Implementation & Accountability Guide assignments, you can request a full refund within 24 hours after the live event.


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